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Elegant Heart Shaped Wine Bottle Stopper

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Modern and practical, Designed to fit standard bottle necks – Stopper self locks air tight – Made of durable zinc alloy material – Makes a great gift for a wine lover

Robust Structure and No Rust – For extra stability and sturdiness, the core is crafted with top grade stainless steel, while the overall construction is made of food grade silicone, which imparts durability and flexibility. The longevity of this stopper is guaranteed for years!

Convenient Usage & Storage – Just insert it in the opening and the bottle is sealed tightly. It is just as easy and painless to remove as well. The low-profile design and air-tight seal allows you to store bottles sideways in the refrigerator without worrying about spillage.

Preserve Freshness – The cone-shaped stopper is primarily used for wine bottles, but works equally well for oil, beer and other bottles. It keeps the beverage or liquid in the bottles fresh longer than traditional corks by preventing unwanted odors and air bubbles from seeping in and spoiling what’s inside. An added benefit is these bottles are odorless, so once the once the wine, beer, or oil is finished, they can be reused!

Attractively Designed and 100% Longevity Guaranteed, this WINE STOPPER will enhance your table’s decor, and help everyone ENJOY your perfect meal or party. They are EASY to INSERT and REMOVE, and dishwasher safe, this stopper can be used for OTHER BEVERAGES as well!


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