Geek Pride Day: Where it came from and ideas for celebrating the geekiest day of the year!

Origins of the word Geek.

Some of us are old enough to remember when being labeled a nerd or geek was an insult and meant that you lacked basic social skills, hygiene habits, and had no friends. To the delight of geeks everywhere the term has evolved into a term for someone who has a passion for a certain complicated subject. I.E. Math, Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games, or Sci-fi Literature. It’s become a general term that is used for someone who has become an expert in something.Being an expert sounds pretty cool, why not celebrate all of the geeks in this world this Geek Pride Day?

The History of Geek Pride Day

Tim McEachern organized unconnected events called Geek Pride Festival and/or Geek Pride Day 1998 to 2000 at a bar in Albany, New York, which are sometimes seen as a prelude to Geek Pride Day.

The idea for dedicating a day to celebrating geekiness originated in Spain in 2006 with Spanish blogger Germán Martínez. He chose the day to coincide with the 1977 release of Star Wars. Geek Pride Day spread across the internet and, soon after, the world. The biggest display of the early Geek Pride was a 300 person game of Live Action Pac-Man.

Geek Pride Day was first officially celebrated in the US in 2008. The following year the Science Channel picked it up, and started airing special programming. In 2010, Geek Pride Day spread even further, to countries like Canada, Hungary, Israel and Romania, a Geek Pride parade was held in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2013.

A list of the basic rights and responsibilities of geeks was also written up. Check it out here. It includes “The right to not like football or any other sport.” and the responsibility to “Save any and all geeky things you have.”


Ways to Celebrate Geek Pride Day.

Geeks!, This is your chance to show everyone how proud you are to have hobbies that are truly worth “geeking out” about. Geeks have enjoyed a steady rise in popularity over the past few decades, and that passion is infectious when you get together with other geeks. Geek Pride Day is a great time to share your passions with other fellow geeks. All over the world groups of geeks are getting together to do things they are passionate about. Geekery isn’t limited to Dr. Who, Firefly, and those weirdos who solve math equations on the weekend. Geeks exist in lots of different places. Maybe it’s Anime, Music, or Food that excites your passion and fuels the fire of creativity inside you. Whatever it is, revel in it. Watch Firefly for the 432nd time, dress up as your favorite Star wars character and watch the Force Awakens again, or even pick out for favorite board or Role Playing Game and play it with all

As for me I’ll be spending it playing games with fellow geeks. If you’re in a shopping mood it looks like LootCrate is having a sale here

More interested in trivia? Check out this little geek quiz.

If you’re in my neck of the woods(Indianapolis, Indiana to be precise) you should drop by Game Paradise and play some games with other local geeks. There’s always a new game to learn and cool people to play with.

Need a more comprehensive list to choose from? Try this list from

  1. Marathon
    Whether you are looking to have a Lord of the Rings marathon, a Harry Potter marathon, or you want to catch up on all of the Planet Earth series, this is a perfect day to get into the zone and really celebrate what you love for hours on end!
  2. Show Off Your Style
    Today is the day to pull that cape or cowl out of the back of your closet and wear it with pride to school, work, the grocery store… everywhere!
  3. Host Comicon at Home
    Get your friends together,  have then come dressed up in their best cosplay, throw on the Doctor Who soundtrack and a Marvel movie marathon.
  4. Photoshoot
    Either at home or out and about on the town, dress up and visit your favourite Nerdy spot in town. Start snapping pics in your best Batman pose!
  5. PoH ‘ar tlhIngan jatlh ghoj
    The fact that you can’t read this means that it’s time to pick up a new Language – Klingon. You’ll be a hit no matter where you drop this line.
  6. Play with LEGO
    If you haven’t seen LEGO in a while. YOU.ARE.MISSING.OUT. With all the cool sets on the market today, there are a ton of new ways to scream when you step on a piece by accident.
  7. Decorate Your Nerd Cave
    Hang up Portal mirrors, a sword or lightsaber collection, framed Comic Book Covers or whatever makes you feel comfortable in your nerdy home.
  8. Hit Up the Arcade
    A little harder to find these days, but you can still get lucky and find an old Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet, or maybe if you’re super lucky, Bubble Bobble.
  9. Get Starry-Eyed
    Tonight is the perfect night to get the telescope out and stare at the night sky. See if you can find Cassiopeia!
  10. Get your Geeky Groove on
    Now is the time to gather your film scores and video game music on your iPod and blast them as you drive down the highway.
  11. Visit the Zoo
    There are tons of creatures to discover and get nerdy about! Take photos, create sketches, or ponder the possibilities of gene manipulation…
  12. Choreograph a Battle
    Now is the time for battle! Jedis to the Left, Hobbits to the right and a world of innocent Muggles in between. Get the battle going and make sure to capture video so that you can remember the day forevermore! It’s Nerf or Nothin’!
  13. Be a Nerdy Chef
    It’s time to create a great feast! Whether you cook up fish fingers and custard, Mario-themed cookies, or my favorite, Chewbacon! Put on a bib and get ready for a geeklicious treat!


No matter how you choose to spend your Geek Pride Day,

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Until we meet again my friends, Eat, Drink, and be Geeky!




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