Deadpool: a much better Valentine’s Day movie than last year!

The most recent Marvel release Deadpool has made a ridiculous amount of money on it’s opening weekend, something to the tune of 132.7 million dollars. It has spent the past several months being hyped, and for this casual comic book fan it was well worth the hype.

Comic book movies have made an awe-inducing amount of money over the last ten years or so. Releasing a comic book movie on Valentine’s Day weekend sounds counter-productive, but considering last year’s release (50 Shades of Grey) we can only go up from that right?

X-men has been a soft spot for me since I saw the animated series (92’-97’). While later iterations weren’t quite as interesting for me personally, I have always been drawn to the X-men series.

Deadpool was a fun ride through the wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking, overtly sexual, poking fun at the X-men, providing fan service, and generally dark Marvel/Fox world.

The movie has a great time poking fun at the typical movie tropes. During the opening credits instead of listing actors’ names, hilarious general descriptors are used.  This movie absolutely deserves its R rating. I was honestly glad to see that the general idea of Deadpool wasn’t watered down to be PG-13.  That didn’t stop a pretty sizable number of people from bringing their kids anyway.


It clearly didn’t matter that the movie is rated R. Parents were still interested in bringing their little ones to see the “superhero” movie.  Even though Deadpool had already reached out to fans to warn them about the adulty-ness of the film.


Dear Parents,

Hey there moms and dads; it’s me your old pal Deadpool. I wanna talk to all of you about something very important to me. My movie comes out in a few days and I know some of you have kids that are just dying to seenit. SO I’m here to ask you parent to parent(Yes, I have a kid. Read a comic.) Please don’t take your underage children to see my movie. It’s not appropriate
for them so go yourselves and enjoy, take them to see Civil War when it comes out. The reason I’m so adamant about this is because I don’t want people to take their kids, get offended and upset then go complain about it and in turn, get any sequels canned by Fox. Don’t be a bad parent, be a good one, a smart one and don’t ruin something so potentially great for everyone.

Love, Deadpool

This little gem was put out in response to a mom of an 8-yr old who started a petition to Fox for a PG-13 cut of the film. I can’t even believe that someone who saw the graphic violence, strong language, and graphic nudity warnings on an R-rated film would seriously think it was okay to take a kid to see the “merc with a mouth”.

I laughed a lot. I giggled. I squeed. I remember clapping my hands together in support for the darker pieces of humor. The most interesting aspect of this character for me is the fourth wall breaking behaviours.  Fan service is an integral part of engaging a community. Normally it is required to be done outside the art itself, but with a mentally unstable character the option of direct interaction is now available.  This has been used in much, much, smaller doses with another red and black clad character from the DC universe who also has a movie coming out soon. *cough* Harley Quinn *cough* Suicide Squad *cough*

There was full frontal male and female nudity.  I think that it was done tastefully, and where it was necessary to show the vulnerability of the situation, but then again I am a supporter of nudity when it forwards the story.

The interactions with X-men were another big draw for this film. Colossus has a “huge” presence in this story as a mentor figure to a very unwilling Wade Wilson.  I’ll be honest and state that this is my first encounter with Negasonic Teenage Warhead. I LOVE her. She is a perfect representation how teenage development doesn’t change even if you have superpowers.

At the end of the film I stuck around for the after credits scene, which didn’t disappoint. The constant nods to Wolverine and the rest of the X-men franchise were well timed and hilarious. This was a non-stop ride of action, passion, adventure, and more than a little adult language.


I can’t wait to see this one again.


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