Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

I couldn’t very well call myself a geek if I did not join the tens of millions of Americans who in the last three weeks have gone to see this film.

This is the most anticipated film of the last decade, and it did not disappoint.

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A bit of history:

The Star Wars Franchise used to consist of a veritable cornucopia of books, games, TV shows, movies, and one really really terrible Christmas special which you can watch a best of reel here

In October 2012 the original creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, sold the rights to Disney for just over 4 Billion dollars. With that purchase came a kind of culling of the herd as it were. Everything that was in the Expanded Universe was pretty much wiped off of the board. Leaving only the Theatrical release films, the Clone Wars Animated TV show and films, and Star Wars Rebels.

Now for the review:

This is the first film to be released since the acquisition, and Disney has in my opinion given their newest intellectual property a thorough run through.

The film starts with its normal bombastic wall of yellow text, and it couldn’t have made me happier. While I wasn’t alive when the initial films came out I can still feel and enjoy the energy of the theater full of people who are enjoying their nostalgia.

Starting on the desert planet Jakku we are granted our first glimpse of the Mcguffin in the hands of the village elder and a few minutes later the “bad guy” Kylo Ren.  Initial impressions are pretty positive. A bit of the love for Vader is transferred via a similar appearance of our bad guy. Initially I wasn’t impressed, until he stopped a laser blast midair…..MIDAIR! That was so freaking awesome.

The first indication of our hero’s imminent betrayal to the first order is given to us in his hesitation to continue the destruction of the Mcguffin’s current transport.


After the X-Wing-less X-wing pilot Po is captured and taken aboard the transport and back to the Star Destroyer our soon to be seditious stormtrooper is seen removing his helmet and we are gifted without first encounter with Captain Phasma a pretty damn bad ass looking lady. She chides fn2187 for removing his helmet without permission and tells him that he is being called on by another “superior”


Flash to the Desert Planet Jakku where a young woman with three buns on the back of her head  is seen to be scavenging parts from a crashed Star Destroyer. Rey displays some really impressive acrobatic skills in the collection of parts from the ship and then climbs onto her speeder against a sunset. A pretty cool image which definitely evoked memories of tattooine sans one of it’s twin suns.

Going back to the star destroyer floating above Jakku we see Kylo Ren interrogating our x-wing less X-Wing pilot. The idea of Kylo being able to just reach into the mind is definitely not a power I thought was in the typical force arsenal. It doesn’t take long to get the information that the Mcguffin is inside a small droid that is still on the planet.

Our seditious stormtrooper FN2187 sees Poe being escorted away from the interrogation chamber and decides that Poe is his best chance to get away from the First Order.

After a small hitch they manage to get loose from the hanger bay and after a short chase, some bro bonding and giving our seditious stormtrooper the new moniker “Finn” they crash on the planet. Finn is thrown from the wreck and upon searching for Poe finds only his jacket. donning it and following the path of a recently passed speeder heads for what he hopes is civilization.

Cut back to Rey saving the small droid from the clutches of another scavenger we come to one thing I have never been able to understand which is why can Rey speak the droid beeping language? and for that matter later on why does she speak Wookie?

I have to give Disney huge props here. BB-8 is the new Wall-E. I know that they have already tested the dynamics of robots/droids being anthropomorphised with cute behaviors. This knowledge is in my opinion why even when presented with the option of making a metric ton of rations by selling the droid that Rey still doesn’t.


Finn runs into Rey, BB-8, and subequently the Mcguffin. They while running from agents of the first order seek out escape through the first available means the abandoned Milennium falcon.

This elicited the first strains of whops and hollers from our theater. I have to say that even I smiled at the sight of the first thing in the whole damn movie that tangibly connected me to the original source material excepting of course the Mcguffin.

Flip back to Kylo Ren and his very own 3d motivational poster in the form of the melted mask of Darth Vader. After a couple minutes of watching what might be considered the conflicted inner motives of our very own grandson of darkness.

The Millennium Falcon gets picked up by a freighter piloted by Han Solo and Chewie. Once the McGuffin is revealed immediate plans are made to take it to the resistance base and our new favorite Disney princess.


This is where the movie returns to the trusted formula of the 4th movie from this series(or in this house the 1st) the plot follows pretty darn closely from here on out.

Resistance of the big bad finds one tiny weakness in the giant weapons with the help of an insider. Father and son fight. small twist. Father dies and the Wookie loses his MIND.

I won’t lie I cried. I cried a bunch when I realized what was gonna happen. I am tearing up just thinking about it now.  Family dynamics being what they are Leia, who is still leading the resistance btw, is doubly distraught when Rey, Finn, and Chewie come back Han-less.

The movie does a pretty great job of setting us up for the next one by passing the torch from Han to Rey


This movie was so good. Even though J.J. Abrams has stayed true to a pretty solid formula established in the original trilogy. There were a ton of throwbacks to the original source material. Fan service is something that happens a lot in this movie. It made smiles and general happy all over the theater.

If that much happy can come from a movie I think it deserves the 1.58 billion it has pulled in over the last month.

I personally can’t wait till Episode 8 in 2017.

Until we meet again my friends, Eat Drink, and be Geeky.