Geek Pride Day: Where it came from and ideas for celebrating the geekiest day of the year!

Origins of the word Geek.

Some of us are old enough to remember when being labeled a nerd or geek was an insult and meant that you lacked basic social skills, hygiene habits, and had no friends. To the delight of geeks everywhere the term has evolved into a term for someone who has a passion for a certain complicated subject. I.E. Math, Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games, or Sci-fi Literature. It’s become a general term that is used for someone who has become an expert in something.Being an expert sounds pretty cool, why not celebrate all of the geeks in this world this Geek Pride Day?

The History of Geek Pride Day

Tim McEachern organized unconnected events called Geek Pride Festival and/or Geek Pride Day 1998 to 2000 at a bar in Albany, New York, which are sometimes seen as a prelude to Geek Pride Day.

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Deadpool: a much better Valentine’s Day movie than last year!

The most recent Marvel release Deadpool has made a ridiculous amount of money on it’s opening weekend, something to the tune of 132.7 million dollars. It has spent the past several months being hyped, and for this casual comic book fan it was well worth the hype.

Comic book movies have made an awe-inducing amount of money over the last ten years or so. Releasing a comic book movie on Valentine’s Day weekend sounds counter-productive, but considering last year’s release (50 Shades of Grey) we can only go up from that right?

X-men has been a soft spot for me since I saw the animated series (92’-97’). While later iterations weren’t quite as interesting for me personally, I have always been drawn to the X-men series.

Deadpool was a fun ride through the wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking, overtly sexual, poking fun at the X-men, providing fan service, and generally dark Marvel/Fox world.

The movie has a great time poking fun at the typical movie tropes. During the opening credits instead of listing actors’ names, hilarious general descriptors are used.  This movie absolutely deserves its R rating. I was honestly glad to see that the general idea of Deadpool wasn’t watered down to be PG-13.  That didn’t stop a pretty sizable number of people from bringing their kids anyway.


It clearly didn’t matter that the movie is rated R. Parents were still interested in bringing their little ones to see the “superhero” movie.  Even though Deadpool had already reached out to fans to warn them about the adulty-ness of the film.


Dear Parents,

Hey there moms and dads; it’s me your old pal Deadpool. I wanna talk to all of you about something very important to me. My movie comes out in a few days and I know some of you have kids that are just dying to seenit. SO I’m here to ask you parent to parent(Yes, I have a kid. Read a comic.) Please don’t take your underage children to see my movie. It’s not appropriate
for them so go yourselves and enjoy, take them to see Civil War when it comes out. The reason I’m so adamant about this is because I don’t want people to take their kids, get offended and upset then go complain about it and in turn, get any sequels canned by Fox. Don’t be a bad parent, be a good one, a smart one and don’t ruin something so potentially great for everyone.

Love, Deadpool

This little gem was put out in response to a mom of an 8-yr old who started a petition to Fox for a PG-13 cut of the film. I can’t even believe that someone who saw the graphic violence, strong language, and graphic nudity warnings on an R-rated film would seriously think it was okay to take a kid to see the “merc with a mouth”.

I laughed a lot. I giggled. I squeed. I remember clapping my hands together in support for the darker pieces of humor. The most interesting aspect of this character for me is the fourth wall breaking behaviours.  Fan service is an integral part of engaging a community. Normally it is required to be done outside the art itself, but with a mentally unstable character the option of direct interaction is now available.  This has been used in much, much, smaller doses with another red and black clad character from the DC universe who also has a movie coming out soon. *cough* Harley Quinn *cough* Suicide Squad *cough*

There was full frontal male and female nudity.  I think that it was done tastefully, and where it was necessary to show the vulnerability of the situation, but then again I am a supporter of nudity when it forwards the story.

The interactions with X-men were another big draw for this film. Colossus has a “huge” presence in this story as a mentor figure to a very unwilling Wade Wilson.  I’ll be honest and state that this is my first encounter with Negasonic Teenage Warhead. I LOVE her. She is a perfect representation how teenage development doesn’t change even if you have superpowers.

At the end of the film I stuck around for the after credits scene, which didn’t disappoint. The constant nods to Wolverine and the rest of the X-men franchise were well timed and hilarious. This was a non-stop ride of action, passion, adventure, and more than a little adult language.


I can’t wait to see this one again.


Leave your thoughts in the comments below or email them to

Until we meet again my friends, Eat, Drink, and be Geeky

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Soup’s Up! : Transforming a Childhood Classic into a Cold Weather Treat

I don’t know about you guys, but when it came to meals my mom could put together in between breaking up the constant fighting me and my little sister used to do, easy preparation was integral.

In the colder months soup and a sandwich was common, and we even made big bowls of Ramen to share and slurp together since it meant less dishes for my little sister to do. (That was her chore when we were growing up. I had the laundry).

When we weren’t interested in Ramen it fell to mom to find something else for us. Mom had a wide range of edibles in her repertoire , but it was a regular staple of our family and most other families I knew of to rely on tasty canned goods.

So enters the classic Campbell’s Tomato Soup.


Ah that old reliable white and red labeled tin receptacle for an exceptionally sodium laden excuse for a vegetable puree.

I have a great deal of fond memories coming in from playing in the snow. A warm bowl of soup is a good way to warm up…….if it isn’t filled with an atrocious amount of sodium, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and even wheat flour. (Why is there wheat flour in tomato soup?)

Now that I have grown up I have become determined to take better care of myself, but also not be deprived of any of the simple joys of delicious food.

For me this means taking comfort food and making it much more healthy.

With the ridiculous swings in weather I have been subject to here in the midwest, (I swear to you it was almost 60 degrees yesterday.) soup has been calling to me and, I couldn’t think of anything more comforting than tomato soup and grilled cheese. How to create a healthier and tastier version of this gradeschool classic.

Better than Campbell’s Creamy Tomato Soup

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So you want to be a DM: 5 tips to make your first game great

Running your first tabletop game no matter what system it is, can be a very stressful        exciting prospect. You are taking the entertainment of 2-8 individuals into your hands for an entire evening. Crafting an interesting story and keeping all of your players off of their phones engaged for hours can be a daunting task.




After spending years at the whims of capricious DMs who have gleefully cackled at your seemingly higher than random number of critical failures, you have decided to take a turn at the reins. Remembering these 5 things will make your first adventure one to be at least slightly more than adequate.

1. You are human. You will mess up.

Every new DM will read the rules for something and still have no idea what’s going on. You’ll forget to read the dialogue on a module, which would have saved 3 hours with the mini’s on a map.
You will forget to calculate the defense bonus for one or more of the PC’s
You will mess up…….. and that’s ok!

Remember that you are human, you will mess things up. It will be okay. Even if you completely mess it up, it can will still be fun.

2. Do your homework.

Some of the best games I have ever been a part of have been completely made up as the DM went along. The great games that players talk about for years almost always come with a good amount of prep time though. Reading the module, drawing out the map, and re-reading the module can take hours.  That homework pays off in spades when players do something you don’t expect. Speaking of which…..

3. No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy (or your players)

No matter how many hours you spend drawing up maps, painting mini’s, updating character sheets, and pouring over your modules your players WILL surprise you.
An encounter with a broken down wagon which should have slowed your party down for at least a few hours will be solved by a cantrip. Somebody will roll a critical success on their perception check and it will spot the bad guy 59 pages early in the module. Don’t worry about it. Let the players revel in their victory and cleverness. Just pick it up where you can.

burning tavern

4.  Give each of your players a chance to shine.

Chances are that your players have already divvied up the traditional party rolls. (You know tank, heals, DPS) try to include at least one opportunity for each party member to use a skill that only they have to progress the story. Your players are (usually) heroes. Let them be the heroes. Give your rogue the chance to disarm a trap or two. Give your wizard the opportunity use their illusion spells to trick the bad guys.


5. Leave them wanting more

It’s been a few hours, everyone has made the obligatory Mountain Dew and Cheetos jokes, and the dice have gone flying all over the table. Now it is time to draw them back for the next session. Think about what makes you want to come back and watch the next episode, read the next book, play the next level. Now use it.  Leave your players in danger, leave them with a boatload of currency to spend (so they can shop between games), or even reveal a critical piece of information.



These are just a few suggestions on making your first session as a DM one to be remembered.

What was it like the first time you ran a game?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below or e-mail them to

Until we meet again my friends, Eat, Drink, and be Geeky



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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

I couldn’t very well call myself a geek if I did not join the tens of millions of Americans who in the last three weeks have gone to see this film.

This is the most anticipated film of the last decade, and it did not disappoint.

download (2)

A bit of history:

The Star Wars Franchise used to consist of a veritable cornucopia of books, games, TV shows, movies, and one really really terrible Christmas special which you can watch a best of reel here

In October 2012 the original creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, sold the rights to Disney for just over 4 Billion dollars. With that purchase came a kind of culling of the herd as it were. Everything that was in the Expanded Universe was pretty much wiped off of the board. Leaving only the Theatrical release films, the Clone Wars Animated TV show and films, and Star Wars Rebels.

Now for the review:

This is the first film to be released since the acquisition, and Disney has in my opinion given their newest intellectual property a thorough run through.

The film starts with its normal bombastic wall of yellow text, and it couldn’t have made me happier. While I wasn’t alive when the initial films came out I can still feel and enjoy the energy of the theater full of people who are enjoying their nostalgia.

Starting on the desert planet Jakku we are granted our first glimpse of the Mcguffin in the hands of the village elder and a few minutes later the “bad guy” Kylo Ren.  Initial impressions are pretty positive. A bit of the love for Vader is transferred via a similar appearance of our bad guy. Initially I wasn’t impressed, until he stopped a laser blast midair…..MIDAIR! That was so freaking awesome.

The first indication of our hero’s imminent betrayal to the first order is given to us in his hesitation to continue the destruction of the Mcguffin’s current transport.


After the X-Wing-less X-wing pilot Po is captured and taken aboard the transport and back to the Star Destroyer our soon to be seditious stormtrooper is seen removing his helmet and we are gifted without first encounter with Captain Phasma a pretty damn bad ass looking lady. She chides fn2187 for removing his helmet without permission and tells him that he is being called on by another “superior”


Flash to the Desert Planet Jakku where a young woman with three buns on the back of her head  is seen to be scavenging parts from a crashed Star Destroyer. Rey displays some really impressive acrobatic skills in the collection of parts from the ship and then climbs onto her speeder against a sunset. A pretty cool image which definitely evoked memories of tattooine sans one of it’s twin suns.

Going back to the star destroyer floating above Jakku we see Kylo Ren interrogating our x-wing less X-Wing pilot. The idea of Kylo being able to just reach into the mind is definitely not a power I thought was in the typical force arsenal. It doesn’t take long to get the information that the Mcguffin is inside a small droid that is still on the planet.

Our seditious stormtrooper FN2187 sees Poe being escorted away from the interrogation chamber and decides that Poe is his best chance to get away from the First Order.

After a small hitch they manage to get loose from the hanger bay and after a short chase, some bro bonding and giving our seditious stormtrooper the new moniker “Finn” they crash on the planet. Finn is thrown from the wreck and upon searching for Poe finds only his jacket. donning it and following the path of a recently passed speeder heads for what he hopes is civilization.

Cut back to Rey saving the small droid from the clutches of another scavenger we come to one thing I have never been able to understand which is why can Rey speak the droid beeping language? and for that matter later on why does she speak Wookie?

I have to give Disney huge props here. BB-8 is the new Wall-E. I know that they have already tested the dynamics of robots/droids being anthropomorphised with cute behaviors. This knowledge is in my opinion why even when presented with the option of making a metric ton of rations by selling the droid that Rey still doesn’t.


Finn runs into Rey, BB-8, and subequently the Mcguffin. They while running from agents of the first order seek out escape through the first available means the abandoned Milennium falcon.

This elicited the first strains of whops and hollers from our theater. I have to say that even I smiled at the sight of the first thing in the whole damn movie that tangibly connected me to the original source material excepting of course the Mcguffin.

Flip back to Kylo Ren and his very own 3d motivational poster in the form of the melted mask of Darth Vader. After a couple minutes of watching what might be considered the conflicted inner motives of our very own grandson of darkness.

The Millennium Falcon gets picked up by a freighter piloted by Han Solo and Chewie. Once the McGuffin is revealed immediate plans are made to take it to the resistance base and our new favorite Disney princess.


This is where the movie returns to the trusted formula of the 4th movie from this series(or in this house the 1st) the plot follows pretty darn closely from here on out.

Resistance of the big bad finds one tiny weakness in the giant weapons with the help of an insider. Father and son fight. small twist. Father dies and the Wookie loses his MIND.

I won’t lie I cried. I cried a bunch when I realized what was gonna happen. I am tearing up just thinking about it now.  Family dynamics being what they are Leia, who is still leading the resistance btw, is doubly distraught when Rey, Finn, and Chewie come back Han-less.

The movie does a pretty great job of setting us up for the next one by passing the torch from Han to Rey


This movie was so good. Even though J.J. Abrams has stayed true to a pretty solid formula established in the original trilogy. There were a ton of throwbacks to the original source material. Fan service is something that happens a lot in this movie. It made smiles and general happy all over the theater.

If that much happy can come from a movie I think it deserves the 1.58 billion it has pulled in over the last month.

I personally can’t wait till Episode 8 in 2017.

Until we meet again my friends, Eat Drink, and be Geeky.

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How to run an unforgettable Halloween party with 3 EASY spooky treats

Halloween is in 22 Days!

I don’t know about you guys but my Facebook feed is filled to the brim with fantasy football posts, random Rah! Rah! my team is awesome, and the ever present sporadic deflate-gate post.



Everyone loves Halloween. Ok, maybe not everyone, but all the cool kids do.

I personally LOVE Halloween. It is a great excuse for me to decorate my house in ridiculously creepy ways, and make awesome weird looking foods.

With that I bring to you my top 3 EASY recipes that I love to make for Halloween.

Rice Cereal pumpkins

Peanut Butter Eyeballs

Red Eye Martini

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This week’s Drink : Adult Chai (Spoiler alert: No tea!!!)

This week’s drink is one of necessity.   A beautiful mojito had called out to me just a few days ago, and my lovely mint plant was begging for a pruning.  However…..

Payne had other plans.


For any of those tomcats tuning in, her interests include chirping at the cardinals out the living room window, attempting to chase the mail woman, and eating any green thing that grows in the house.

After discovering this morning that she had chosen last night of all nights to prune my mint plant without regard to my intense desire to create a beautiful rum drink. This also coincides with the recent mass consumption of ALL of my clear rum. Thank you stressful work week. This in combination with a highly unfortunate law in my home state of Indiana that doesn’t allow the sale of ANY alcohol on Sunday. (Why haven’t we changed that yet again?)

Chai is usually a tea infused with spices including cinnamon with milk or cream. This is kinda what led to the inspired use of my new favorite alcohol. I have absolutely fallen in love with cinnamon whiskey, and on top of that it is worlds ahead of the cinnamon liqueurs I have had in the past.

All I can say is after this one night in college with a frozen bottle of aftershock. I had sworn off all cinnamon alcohols in any form.

Cinnamon being an exceptionally strong flavor, makes it hard to have even the blackest Darjeeling tea that is strong enough to stand up against it. The next best thing I could think of was my dark roast coffee, which i happened to have lying around from breakfast this morning.

And with that I bring to you ADULT CHAI.



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This week’s Eat: Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Burgers

…..And so it begins

So……not gonna lie I had a whole big amazing and cool first blog post planned, the problem is that as soon as I decided on it and a timeline for starting this little venture I promptly forgot to go shopping for the ingredients.

The following is the first of what I can only surmise will be many many more completely unplanned EAT segments.


Chese and Bacon inside……YUM!!!!

This was really tasty and pretty simple to put together

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