This week’s Drink : Adult Chai (Spoiler alert: No tea!!!)

This week’s drink is one of necessity.   A beautiful mojito had called out to me just a few days ago, and my lovely mint plant was begging for a pruning.  However…..

Payne had other plans.


For any of those tomcats tuning in, her interests include chirping at the cardinals out the living room window, attempting to chase the mail woman, and eating any green thing that grows in the house.

After discovering this morning that she had chosen last night of all nights to prune my mint plant without regard to my intense desire to create a beautiful rum drink. This also coincides with the recent mass consumption of ALL of my clear rum. Thank you stressful work week. This in combination with a highly unfortunate law in my home state of Indiana that doesn’t allow the sale of ANY alcohol on Sunday. (Why haven’t we changed that yet again?)

Chai is usually a tea infused with spices including cinnamon with milk or cream. This is kinda what led to the inspired use of my new favorite alcohol. I have absolutely fallen in love with cinnamon whiskey, and on top of that it is worlds ahead of the cinnamon liqueurs I have had in the past.

All I can say is after this one night in college with a frozen bottle of aftershock. I had sworn off all cinnamon alcohols in any form.

Cinnamon being an exceptionally strong flavor, makes it hard to have even the blackest Darjeeling tea that is strong enough to stand up against it. The next best thing I could think of was my dark roast coffee, which i happened to have lying around from breakfast this morning.

And with that I bring to you ADULT CHAI.



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This week’s Eat: Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Burgers

…..And so it begins

So……not gonna lie I had a whole big amazing and cool first blog post planned, the problem is that as soon as I decided on it and a timeline for starting this little venture I promptly forgot to go shopping for the ingredients.

The following is the first of what I can only surmise will be many many more completely unplanned EAT segments.


Chese and Bacon inside……YUM!!!!

This was really tasty and pretty simple to put together

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